Chris Chung
School of Architecture University of Miami
Chris has completed his Masters in Architecture at the University of Toronto. His previous education was in Economics and Computer Science at the University of Western Ontario. As a result, Chris has a diverse set of skills in programming, business, architecture, and design. Currently, his interests lie in bridging the digital and the physical realms within the public arena, particularly in ways that can create new and exciting social interactions. Previous projects have included an art installation pertaining to augmented reality, and a concrete paving unit embedded with sensors and LED`s resulting in an infrastructure that allows for novel ways of communication between public spaces. He has worked at a number of different Architecture firms; in Toronto and Edmonton (Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning) as well as in Guangzhou, China (IAPA Architects). Currently, Chris works at the University of Miami's School of Architecture as a Research Associate for RAD-UM.