James Brazil
Visiting Professor
School of Architecture University of Miami
James Brazil is an architecturally-trained, Australian designer, master builder, researcher and city curator of urban and public architecture, with extensive construction and design experience across a variety of high-profile projects for international clients, competitions and university institutions throughout Australia, Europe, the Middle East and Russia.

James has a Masters of Architecture with Distinction from the University of Western Australia (2007) and in 2009 was invited as a full-time Researcher at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. He delivered the award-winning FabLab House completed for the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010, as a project team leader, Master Builder.

James is also the founding principal of the international collaborative studio uAbureau and the inaugural winner of the emerging practitioner teaching fellowship at the University Of Miami School Of Architecture (U-SoA) 2016/17. At U-SoA he leads the design/curation of public space initiatives at the Master of Real Estate Development + Urbanism program while directing a portfolio of art and architecture projects across Europe, Africa and Latin America.  

Based between Barcelona, Spain and Miami, Brazil leads uAbureau research into unsolicited urban practices and its development of digital fabrication, assembly and construction. Consulting with industry, academic and cultural partners, he works to develop innovative and holistic strategies on how digital tools and fabrication can become accessible to artists, designers and local citizens alike. James co-founded Barcelona's first community ‘makerspace’, MADE, and consults on similar ‘productive’ space concepts in relationship to city development in Miami and Latin America.

Currently, James is the creative director of London-Barcelona-Miami based art production house Fluorescent Smogg and co-directs the international INSITU research program and FabLab Flotante (Floating FabLab) Amazonas in partnership with the Latin American Association of FabLabs.