Lead: Rodolphe el-Khoury, Christopher Chung, Veruska Vasconez
Team: Frank Chen, Nika Mirrafie, Claudia Aguado
The algae will be housed within a container with individually controlled LEDs. By controlling the amount of light each module receives during the day and night, we will be able to control the density and appearance of the algae within each module.

The collection of algae boxes can become a living display on any open surface. Each algae box can be thought of as an individual pixel that when amalgamated across a large surface, a high resolution image appears.

Using greywater and collected rainwater from the building, the water will funnel through each box using the algae as a biological process for water filtration. Once filtered, the water will then be used to irrigate and mist the open ground plane below.

The water pipes from the algae boxes act as a roof over the plaza converging to create sheltered and open spaces.

The BioDisplay is a self-sustaining system that filters and purifies grey water using algae. Clean water will then mist and cool the open ground surface below while also irrigating local garden species. Unused water and the recollection of grey water from the open ground surface will then be returned to be filtered and purified by the algae, completing the system.
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