Lead: Rodolphe el-Khoury, Christopher Chung
Team: Clarisse Lopez, Hongyang Wang, Sam Jimenez, Pedro Ramos-Nieves, Haochi Zhang, Zhengrong Hu
“Bio-Reactor” is the first prototype of the “Bio-Display” project. It tests the general concepts that are articulated in the “Bio-Display” project.

Using hexagonal glass jars as the "algae container", a series of acrylic shelves has been fabricated to support 128 jars creating two 8x8 matrices with 3 white LEDs (384 total) placed at the bottom of each jar. Each individual jar can be seen as a living monochromatic pixel and when amalgamated, a low resolution display is created.

Each LED can be individually controlled and thus, through photosynthesis, the rate of growth of the algae in each jar and subsequently, the density and colour of each jar, can be controlled. Additionally, an air pump is used for each matrix to increase the circulation of air flow within each jar stimulating algae growth.

The "Bio-Reactor" prototype was exhibited during the eMerge 2016 conference on April 21-22, 2016 in the Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, Florida. It's a proof of concept prototype built to test the visualization capabilities of our proposal "Bio-Display". See more about the proposal here.

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