Lead: Rodolphe el-Khoury, Christopher Chung
Team: Prof. Veruska Vasconez, Pedro Ramos-Nieves, Zhengrong Hu, Frank Chen, Haochi Zhang, Nika Mirrafie, Claudia Aguado
Fiducials are placed under each coffee mug which are then tracked by an infrared camera. Infrared lamps are used to brighten the underside of the tabletop surface while the fiducial engine tracking the fiducials continuously updates the position and angle of each cup on the tabletop surface. This information is given to Processing which provides the data visualization projected onto the tabletop surface.

Each coffee mug is identified with particular hashtag used to filter out unnecessary social media content. Relevant Twitter tweets and Instagram photos flock to each coffee mug which users can then rotate their respective coffee mug to cycle through the social media content.

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