Lead: Eric Firley, Germane Barnes, Christopher Chung
Team: Shaikha Al Duwaisan, Michael Alexander, Yasmine Benchekroun, Owen Berry, Qiazi Chen, Fadak Dashti, Lorena Knezevic, Sydney Maubert, Shannar O'Connor, Xiangyu Shao, Caitlin Smith, Gabriel Soomar, Jingchao Wu, Yuanxun Xia.
The University of Miami School of Architecture (U-SOA) and RAD-UM invite you to celebrate the Magic City’s spectacular conquest of the skies. With an emphasis on historic legacy and future opportunities, the interactive exhibition documents Miami’s development through the lens of typological, stylistic and technological mutations in the architecture of the tall building.

From the Downtown boom of the 1920s to the rise of Brickell Avenue as an international banking hub, a legacy is drawn that understands high-rise not only as a building phenomenon, but as a vivid expression of the local city culture.

The exhibition consists of three parts:
1. an illustration of the city’s major high-rise typologies, through an explicative timeline, seven custom- made physical models of historic towers and ten contemporary project presentations
2. an overview of new technologies that will affect the future of high-rise construction (displayed in video format)
3. a digital presentation of built and unbuilt work by faculty members of the UM School of Architecture and Florida International University (displayed on screens)

The exhibition has been made possible through the generous support of our two Hosting sponsors, DeSimone and Florida East Coast Realty, and the Penthouse sponsor Americaribe.

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